Island View High School

IVH Team Logo

Many thanks to all involved in the process of selecting our name, developing a logo, and establishing our school colors.

Our colors of Green/Blue/Grey were selected to represent our community- blue and green for where ocean and sea meet., and grey...well... the fog. Most importantly these colors are unique to Island View High and do not duplicate other school colors. The Trident, while often depicted in the hand of the Devil, is also a symbol of power in greek and roman mytholoy gods of the sea- Neptune and Posiedon.

Students were a big part in this process, voting on the Devils name and consulted with in the logo phase. We must give a thank you to First Choice Sportswear for offering free artwork towards our process, and a huge thank you to the folks at Golden Silkscreening for giving countless hours of time to render and refine various adaptations of our final desigm.