Island View High School

Youth Health Centre-Room 311

Who are we?
•Your Youth Health Centre (YHC) provides a safe and supportive environment to help you make decisions about your health and well being.  The YHC is a partnership between the Halifax Regional Centre for Education and the Nova Scotia Health Authority.  It is operated by a Public Health Professional known as a Youth Health Centre Coordinator.

What can you expect?
•         Non-judgmental, confidential service
•         Works with your strengths
•         Addresses your health concerns
•         Your knowledge valued

Why come to the YHC?
•         Feeling sad or angry
•         Feeling confused or stressed
•         Relationship issues
•         Problems at home
•         Need condoms
•         Pregnancy testing/birth control education
•         Safer sex information
•         Sexuality/Gender questions
•         Needing to talk
•         Dating violence
•         Drinking too much
•         Concerns about drug use
•         Help to quit smoking/vaping

*We do not address medical concerns or give medication*