Island View High School

2020 Communication Updates About IVHS Opening

Friday, September 4, 2020-Update 7
Dear IVHS Community,

The last two weeks staff have been working very hard to plan how to open IVHS safely.
This is our seventh update about how school will be different this year.
We are very excited about greeting and welcoming our students back to school.
The purpose of this update is to explain how students come to school on Tuesday.
First Day of School- What you need to know?
1. Please bring a knapsack to carry all your possessions the whole day- Lockers are not being used this year.
2. Bring enough food for the day- the breakfast program and cafeteria are not yet up and running, or plan to go home for lunch.
3. Bring a full water bottle. We are starting the year with Water Coolers not water fountains.
4. Wear a mask. Masks will be distributed in your first class but you need a mask to take the bus and get into the school. Contact us if that is a problem.
Approaching and Entering the School
As students approach the school they are reminded to social distance and to be getting their masks out of their knapsacks ready to wear. Students cannot gather in front of the school.
The School Doors will open at 7:40.
Students on Thursday, received an email telling them where their first class was on Tuesday morning.
Students will enter and exit the building according to their room numbers for a scheduled course. This means students reporting to rooms starting in:
First Level (Rooms 103-120) — Will enter in the lower rear door (Art Room)
Second Level (Rooms 200-225) - Will enter in the main entrance (Main Front Doors)
Third Level (Rooms301-327)- Will enter in the side entrance to the left of the main entrance.
Students with off blocks first class Tuesday
If your student is in grade 11 or 12 their room may read “study”. This is referring to a study period as they have no scheduled class Tuesday morning. Their first class will begin at 11:45 and they may pick up their schedule at 11:25 in the cafeteria, entering through the rear lower doors of the school.
We are, and will continue to be adjusting student schedules, as such the students first period class may change before Tuesday.  Please ask your student to check their Power School portal closer to our kickoff.  Staff will be available outside Tuesday morning to assist and direct students as needed.
A reminder that parents are not able to enter the building without an appointment.
During first period we will begin the process of educating students about our new routines and routes in the school.
At lunchtime students will be given the option of going out of the school for lunch or staying in their morning classroom.
I strongly recommend that students who need a break from wearing a mask, students who would benefit from a walk, students who wish to see their friends who are not in their classes, go out of the school at lunchtime.
All the information updates we have sent so far is on the IVHS website-
We look forward to seeing our students again.
Kind Regards,
Pat Savage
Principal- IVHS

Update 6-September 3, 2020
Dear Island View Families;

As part of our preparation for the reopening of school, I am pleased to share the following information:
• How do students Enter and Leave the building this year?
• What will lunch look like at IVHS this September?
• Update on the Learning street
Entering and Leaving the School
First Floor-If you are going to a class on the first floor you enter and exit the school by the doors at the back of the building that lead into the back stairwell.
Second (Main) Floor-If you are going to a class on the second floor you enter and exit the school by the front main doors.
Third Floor-If you are going to a class on the third floor you enter and exit the school by the doors to the left of the main doors and go immediately up the stairwell.
When students are waiting to enter the school, and when students have exited the building, they cannot stay around the building and congregate, but must move along and maintain social distancing.
Morning Arrival
Walking Students
Walking Students are requested not to arrive at school until 7:40 AM. The doors to the school will open for students at 7:40 AM.
At 7:40 AM they may enter the school and go straight to their first period class through the designated door for their floor
Bus Students
Bus Students enter the building when there bus arrives and go directly to their first period classroom and enter the classroom. Students cannot stay in the Learning Street.
Moving Through the School during Class Time
• Students are requested to respect social distancing of a metre between themselves and others in the building.
• The stairwell upon entering the building (to your left) is UP only from 7:40AM-8:20AM, 11:25AM-11:45AM.
• First floor- kids may walk in both directions
• Second and third floor - one direction- moving from front of school to back going to class. The reverse at the end of class.
• Kids going to the bathroom/office/resource/ an appointment with an adult in the building on the second and third floor during class time, would have permission to move against the current and take the most direct route to their destination.
Unless given explicit permission or direction, students are not to leave the floor level that their classroom is on.
Cafeteria services will not be available until September 21 at the earliest. Students who plan to stay for lunch must bring their lunch.
• There will be a staggered exit from the building for those students choosing to leave the building for lunch. This will be done to avoid crowds from 10:35AM-10:40AM.
• If a student leaves the building at lunch they will not be able to re-enter the building until 11:25AM. At 11:25, they will re-enter the building by the door that leads to the floor their afternoon class is on.
• Students who choose to stay inside the school for lunch will stay in their morning classroom.
• At 11:05AM there will be a bell. Students who wish to go outside at that point may do so. At 11:25AM these students will re-enter the school by the designated door leading to their afternoon class.
• The Learning Street will be closed at lunch to students.
The Learning Street
• The Learning Street during instructional time, will be closed to students for the beginning of the year as we plan as a staff how it can be used safely.
This information will also be posted on our website at:
I will share another update on Friday, September 4, 2020.
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Pat Savage

Update 5-September 1
Dear Island View Families;
As part of our preparation for the reopening of school, I am pleased to share the following information:
• A transportation update
• A note on self monitoring for all visitors to the school
• A note on sharing of resources
• Information on how the Library will be accessed at IVHS
• An update on the Breakfast program- it will not start until September 21

This information will also be posted on our website at:

Transportation for all eligible children from grade 9 to grade 12 will be provided. Because physical distancing will not always be possible, as per the Public Health order, children and students whose parents want them to ride the school bus will be required to wear non-medical masks. Drivers will also be required to wear masks.
We request that students use their own masks on Day 1, because we will not be able to distribute masks until Day 1 at school. If this presents a problem please let us know.

    While riding school buses, children and students from the same household must sit together.
    Buses will be cleaned twice daily. High touch surfaces such as handrails will be cleaned before and after each run.
    A small number of students with sensory or health issues may not be able to tolerate wearing a non-medical mask. Parents of these students are asked to consult with the school to develop a plan for their children.

Monitoring Staff, Students and Essential Visitors for Symptoms
Staff: We will instruct all staff to self-monitor daily for symptoms of COVID-19 at home, using the Covid-19 daily checklist:
Staff must follow the directions as described on the tool. Staff will be notified if the checklist is updated.
Students: Before school begins and regularly throughout the year we will clearly communicate to families the need for their child to be monitored daily for symptoms before attending school. The checklist is on our website and will be provided to students at the beginning of the school year and reviewed regularly throughout the year. We will send home a copy via email to families prior to school opening and throughout the school year. Families and students will be notified if the checklist is updated.
Essential Visitors: Before entering a school, essential visitors will be directed to complete the checklist and confirm that they have no symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and are not required to self-isolate. We will keep a list of all essential visitors that enter the school with confirmation that they have been screened.
A “no sharing” policy will be in place. Supplies will be provided to those students who do not have them to the degree that is possible. If sharing of learning equipment or technology is necessary, the equipment will be cleaned / sanitized between uses.
During the pandemic, “caring means no sharing.”
Students will still have access to library resources, but groups of students will not go to the library. Books and other materials will be brought to them in their classrooms. Our school’s Library Support Specialist, Ms. J. Garnier will assist students and staff with requests.
Breakfast Program

We will continue the breakfast program, with necessary adjustments to ensure health guidelines are in place to continue to provide food for students. This may mean a change in menu and a less satisfying menu.
Food from the breakfast program may also be available at lunch time.
Families should not count on the Breakfast program being up and running until September 21.
We will communicate further information when we have it.
Outdoor Activities

    We will strive to move activities/classes outdoors whenever possible, including learning activities and meal times.
    We will take into consideration the weather conditions and the need for appropriate clothing before we move activities/classes outside.
    We will maintain cohorts/groups of students and staff wherever possible in outdoor areas.
    We will reinforce the need for hand washing / sanitizing before and after outdoor activities upon entering the school.
    We will not be having field trips until we are advised that these are appropriate following advice from the Department of Public Health (e.g. that requires transportation or requires entry into another facility/building).

I will share another update on Wednesday, September 2.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Pat Savage

Update 4- August 31, 2020
Dear Island View Families;

As part of our preparation for the reopening of school, I want to share the following information today:

    Schedule Change- IVHS will be moving from four 75 minute classes to two 150 minute classes each day.

This information will also be posted on our website at:

One of the biggest challenges we face this year is how do we arrange our school schedule to reduce student’s exposure to other students? At the elementary level students will not be moving from classrooms and teachers will move to cohorts of students who do not move through the whole day.
That approach cannot work at the secondary level because every student has a different schedule.
What we have made as a schedule change, and I believe the vast majority if not all HRCE High Schools will do as well, is designed to reduce the number of people that students and teachers are exposed to every day.

Schedule Change: The daily schedule of four teaching blocks (A, B, C, and D) has been reduced to two teaching blocks. (Please see the attachment/link)
2020-2021 Period, Day & Bell Schedule

    Every Monday to Thursday will follow the same schedule and Friday’s schedule will rotate.
    Friday’s schedule will be on a rotating cycle, for example:

Friday, September
Week 1-Day A
Week 2-Day B
Week 3-Day C
Week4-Day D

Breaks: Breaks will be incorporated into each class.
There will be a 10 minute break in the morning and the afternoon.
The information describing how this will be done and expectations will be communicated the first day of classes.
Different Classrooms will be allocated different break times to facilitate 33% of kids on each floor a break and reduce student’s exposure to other students.
Students can take a break only on their floor and not mingle with other classes to limit exposure to students outside their classes.
Positive Consequences of this change:

    Students will switch classes less frequently. Thereby reducing the amount of contact time with other students outside their assigned classes.
    There will be other changes, including how students access the building, also designed to reduce exposure to others.
    Students during break time will have reduced contact time with students outside their class.
    Students on off-block will have the option to stay home, reducing the number of students in the school, especially for grade 11s and12’s.
    Students are able to focus on one class at a time without the burden of too many classes.
    This format lends itself to an easier transition to doing school work at home if we move to phases 2 or 3 of the Back to School Plan
    Easier to report to the Department of Health in terms of student location throughout the building and contact tracing if there is illness at IVHS.

This is a huge change, and we realize it has major ramifications for students and teachers.
We will be working with our teaching staff to come up with ways to break up the longer classes.
This may include going outside, mini lessons within a longer class, independent work time, and chunking of information in smaller quantities.
If you have any curricular questions, we invite you to contact the Department Heads – identified on the school website. Mr. Smith and I are also available if you have questions.
The challenge of opening a school during a global pandemic is what steps we can take to try and keep staff and students safe. It is to achieve that end that this schedule change was made.

We will also be talking to you in coming days about how students will enter and leave school and lunch hour; all areas where IVHS will look different in 2020 then we did in 2019.

Kind Regards,

Pat Savage
Principal -IVHS

Update 3- August 28, 2020

Dear Island View Families;

As part of our preparation for the reopening of school, I am pleased to share the following information:
• Importance of talking to your children about hand hygiene
• Information about the Cafeteria at IVHS
• Lockers – will not be used this year.
• Creating Opportunities for Students to be outside

This information will also be posted on our website at:
Frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer are public health measures we can all practice both at home and school. We will be emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene, throughout the day specifically when entering school and classrooms and before and after eating.
Hand sanitizing stations have been installed at entrances and in hallways, and there will be hand sanitizer in classrooms.
We will also be working with students on the importance that “no sharing is caring” in a pandemic.
Our teachers will be using age-appropriate language to educate students on why they are not able to share food, personal belongings or their individual school supplies.
The sharing of equipment, including technology will be limited. Any equipment that is shared will be cleaned after each use.
Cafeteria Service at IVHS
We will not be having food service at IVHS until Monday, September 21 at the earliest. This means that students will not be able to buy food from the cafeteria and will need to bring lunches, plan to go home for lunch or make other arrangements.
We will reassess the use of cafeteria services and communicate more about this in future communications.
Under the Province’s Back to School Plan it is outlined that lockers are not to be allocated to students or used. This is to avoid congestion in hallways. This means students will have to carry all their belongings, school supplies, etc, with them all day. Lockers will not be in use for the 2020-21 school year.
Creating Opportunities for Students to be outside
An essential part of the Back to School plan is to maximize time spent outdoors. More classes (including Physical Education) will be held outdoors, when possible, to encourage physical movement and support our students’ well-being.
Teachers will be encouraged to see purposeful time outside as a safe, healthy addition to class time.
I will share another update on Monday, August 31.
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Pat Savage

Update 2- August 27, 2020

Dear Island View Families;

As part of our preparation for the reopening of school, I am pleased to share the following information:
• Importance of monitoring your child’s health
• Information about masks at IVHS
This information will also be posted on our website at:
Monitoring Your Child’s Health

Our shared health is our shared responsibility. We need families to monitor the health of their child(ren) each day before they come to school using the COVID-19 Daily Checklist.
A copy of the checklist is available at this link:
Covid-19 Daily Checklist
Please keep your child at home when they are ill, even if their symptoms are mild, and contact 811.
We will be removing attendance-based awards or incentives this school year because we do not want students coming to school when they are sick.
By monitoring daily, you are doing your part to protect our shared health.
All students (PP-Grade 12) will be required to wear a mask when travelling on the school bus.
When at school, all students Grades 4 to 12 will be required to wear a mask.
Children in Pre-Primary to Grade 3 are not required to wear a mask in school.
Students must wear their masks (including in hallways and other common areas) when they are unable to physically distance by 2 metres.
If students can be seated two metres apart, facing the same direction, they may remove their mask while at their desk. We do not anticipate students being able to do this in many classes at IVHS.
Masks can be removed when students are eating and drinking or taking part in indoor physical activity. Masks are not required during outdoor activities.
We will provide each student with two cloth facemasks on the first day of school. We ask that students on the first day come wearing their own mask so they may safely enter the school. If this is a problem please let us know.
We will also have a supply of masks on hand, if a child forgets or loses one during the day.
Public Health has encouraged all of us to socialize the wearing of masks as a measure to protect our collective health. Here is a link to a video that you can watch with your children before the first day of school:
Wearing a mask all day will represent a huge change for many students at IVHS. It might be a wise idea for students to begin wearing their masks for longer and longer periods of time each day in the coming days, to help them make this transition.
I will share another update tomorrow.
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Pat Savage

Update 1- August 26, 2008
Dear Families:
I hope you have had a safe and restful summer. After six months apart, we are so excited to welcome students and staff back to our building! The first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 8, 2020.
All students are returning to school as outlined in Nova Scotia’s Back to School Plan. To learn more about the plan, visit
I recognize that you may have questions. Rest assured that supporting our student’s return to school is our highest priority. COVID-19 has changed what our school and school day will look like, but it has not changed the quality of education, or the care and support that we will offer our students.
There will be many changes to routines in September. Among the changes:

    All students who ride a school bus will be required to wear a mask.
    All students in Grades 4 to 12 and all staff will be required to wear a mask when they are unable to physically distance.
    Schools will be receiving enhanced cleaning.
    Increased handwashing and sanitizing as students enter and exit school and throughout the day.

Over the course of the next two weeks, leading up to the first day of school, I will be outlining what students and families can expect. These updates will be sent by email and posted on our website at: and our IVHS Twitter account at: @islandviewhigh
We all have a role to play in helping students feel safe and supported when they return to school. I plan to keep the lines of communication open to make this a positive year. We are all in this together, and together we will keep each other healthy.
We can’t wait to see our students!

Pat Savage