Island View High School

Co-Prez and Student Council Applications

Student Council 2021-22 Co-Prez election write up:

Hey Devils!

Student Council Co-Prez and general student council Applications are now available for the 2021-22 school year!
Please read carefully and fill out the attached Google Form:


CO-President:Apply Now

Applications and videos are due no later than 12PM, Monday, May 3/21. Applicants are asked to create a short promo video (2-3 minutes) and/or virtual, tangible posters that will be posted upon advisor approval. Successful applicants will be notified for an interview time.

Co-President Duties and Responsibilities

● To call and chair all meetings of the Council, in consultation with the staff advisors.
● To read and explain the Constitution at the first meeting of the Council.
● To speak with, and on behalf of, the students of Island View High School at assemblies and at public functions.
● To see that the duties of the Council are carried out.
● To develop a harmonious working environment amongst all Council members.
● To act as a liaison between the student body and the administrators of the school.
● To prepare the Co-Presidents election for the forthcoming term.

General Council Application:

Are you interested in becoming a leader at Island View? Would you like to make Island View High a school community where everyone feels welcome, involved and engaged? Do you have ideas for activities and events that will create lifelong memories? Would you like to help plan events for your school and community and create traditions? Would you like to represent the requests and desires of your peers? If you answered yes to the above questions, please fill out an application form and potentially join our Island View Student Council 2021-22.

Application:Apply Now