Island View High School

Island View High School-Reminders of School Expectations-April 23

Good morning Devils!

Yesterday, the Province of Nova Scotia put in some strict rules to keep us safe during the pandemic. We realize that this can be a stressful time and we are happy to see you all at school but as we continue through the global pandemic there are some things we do at Island View high that bear repeating.
One of the ways we keep ourselves safe at school is by paying attention to the Covid-19 Checklist designed by the province. If we can keep sick people out of Island View, and away from school activities we greatly increase our chances of all remaining healthy.

We administer this checklist through the main office to every visitor at the school to try and achieve this end. We also request that parents restrict their coming into the building so we have fewer visitors to the school.

We ask that students, staff, and parents consult the Covid-19 checklist if they are not feeling well. It is available on our IVHS website
This is the easy to use tool that helps us make sense of how we feel in the morning, and make good decisions about whether coming to school is a good idea.

Thank you for your attention to the Covid-19 checklist. Its use is one of the ways we keep each other safe at Island View.


The wearing of masks at Island View

Students are expected to wear a mask at IVHS. The expectation is that the mask will be worn to cover the nose and the mouth.
At school students will wear a mask in all classes unless they are:
1.  Eating or drinking
2.  Participating in indoor physical activities where a mask cannot be worn.
3. Students will wear masks as they enter and exit the building and all students who travel by bus, will keep their mask on at all times while on the bus.

A supply of medical masks is available, if needed, for all students in the main office. Next week we will be distributing masks for the third time to all students who need them.

Different Classrooms have been allocated different break times to facilitate 33% of kids on each floor a break and reduce a student's exposure to other students.


Students can take a break only on their floor and not mingle with other classes to limit exposure to students outside their classes.

Teachers are reminded to clearly communicate the beginning and end time of break to help students be back to class on time.

Lunch Hour Procedures

At 10:35 when we do morning announcements, at the end of announcements there will be a staggered exit from the building for those students choosing to leave the building for lunch. Normally we allow students on the first and third floor to exit early at the end of announcements. This will be done to avoid crowds gathering in front of the school.

At the end of announcements students have a decision to make.

• If a student leaves the building at lunch they will not be able to re-enter the building until 11:25 when they will re-enter the building by the door that leads to the floor their afternoon class is on.
• Students who choose to stay inside the school for lunch will stay in their morning classroom or with permission from their teacher, report directly to the cafateria.
• At 11:05 there will be a bell. Students who wish to go outside at that point may do so. At 11:25 these students will re-enter the school by the designated door leading to their afternoon class.
• The students who choose to stay in their classroom all lunch will head to their afternoon class at 11:20.
• These procedures are established to minimize contact between students of different cohorts.
• If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact Mr. Savage or Mr. Smith in the main office.

Effective today all school extra-curricular activities- clubs and sports are cancelled for the next 4 weeks.

By following these rules/expectations at Island View High School it shows that we care about each other and wish to keep each other safe.

We have been successful taking care of each other at Island View and we ask for your continued care and attention to each other as we move forward into the semester.

Thank you to everyone for following the Public Health guidelines that have allowed our students to continue to stay in school.

Danny Smith
Vice Principal
Island View High School