Island View High School

April 27, 2021 Update-Message from the Principal & New At Home Learning Schedule

Dear IVHS Families,

Here is some information that we hope will help Parents and Students understand more about how online learning will work at IVHS.

Please find attached the IVHS At Home Learning Schedule. This schedule is also available on our school website.

There are two classes each day. Students are expected to be logged into their computers for classes at 9:30 am each morning and 11:45 am. Attendance will be taken at these times.

These online classes will last 45 to 75 minutes for Grade 9 classes, and 60 to 75 minutes for Grade 10-12 classes.

Teachers will also be assigning work to students that is done outside the online class time. There are two hours each day where students may be working individually, or in groups. We call this time Teacher Office Hours. During this time students may contact teachers with questions or for help.


Attendance will be taken at 9:30 am and 11:45 am at the beginning of online classes.
Parents; if a student will not be able to attend online classes please email:

Absence notification emails, texts or voicemails will continue to be generated if students are marked absent for class and no notification is received from a parent.

Teachers will be communicating to students through their google classrooms, their individual expectations about how classes will work.

We look forward to seeing D block classes at 9:30 am, and C block classes at 11:45 am Thursday morning.

A reminder that Friday, April 30 we will be following Monday’s schedule.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Kind Regards,
Pat Savage
Principal- IVHS