Island View High School

IVHS Graduation Gowns


The grad gowns, stoles, hats, etc are at the school.  A message on the Grad Google Classroom will be posted very soon letting students know they can pick up their gowns before the graduation if they want them to get pictures, etc before the ceremony.

Grads must pick them up before graduation, as we will not be able to take them to the graduation.  The last time to pick them up will be after the graduation breakfast the morning of the graduation.

It is very important that all grads be at the breakfast, as we will be holding a rehearsal in the gym after the breakfast. The time of the breakfast and rehearsal is yet to be finalized.

Grads can get their gowns only if they paid the graduation fee of $60.  There are 2 ways to pay this, you can pay cash/debit/credit card in the office or many have paid by selling the graduation raffle tickets. If you are unsure if payment has been made, you can check with Mr. White or the office. Alternate arrangement must be made with the principal.

Once all the times of the breakfast, rehearsal etc are finalized, another email and post on the Grad Google Classroom will be made.