Island View High School

2020 Course Change Procedures

Course Change Procedure

Course changes will be requested using Google Forms. This form will be available at the end of the day Tuesday to request a change for period 3 and 4 classes only. Students will have to attend period 1 and 2 on Wednesday before they can request a change from those classes. Course changes will be based on class size and scheduling, with priority given to those students who require a course to graduate or for post-secondary considerations. Patience and flexibility will be required as one on one meetings did not occur last year.

Students requesting a course change should:

• Go to the IVHS website to access, complete, and submit course change form.

• Students will be contacted by email regarding their course change request.

• Students are expected to follow their schedule and remain in class until I meet/speak with them or they receive an email from me.

• Students must not be sent to guidance without the teacher contacting me first.

• Students should not be encouraged to come to guidance during lunch

Teachers being asked about course changes should:

• Direct them to the school website

• Not send students to guidance during class time to request a course change.

• Not tell students they can join their class and/or there is room in their class

• Not allow students into their room if they are not on your class list, unless contacted by guidance or administration.