Island View High School

Why Use PowerSchool?

Why Use PowerSchool?

1.To check on the accuracy of my attendance and late records to make sure everything is in order.

2. To track my grades so that I know where I stand and see if I have any outstanding assessments.

3. To view the Grade History section, and click on my grade percentage to see the breakdown of all assignments, tests and marks I received for each that has brought me to that grade percentage to date.

4. To see courses/credits I have completed to date so that I know what I need to graduate.

5. To directly email my teacher from PowerSchool if I have any questions.

6. To read comments from my teachers about my areas of strengths and needs in my learning.

7. To choose my course requests for the following school year from PowerSchool.

8. To be more in charge of my learning and attendance by looking at common patterns (eg. I’m always late for the first class in the morning)

9. To track my attendance and marks.