Island View High School

Youth Health Centre

Youth Health Centre Coordinator: 

Devon Mackenzie (Room 311)-


Your Youth Health Centre (YHC) exists to provide services to support you in making decisions about your personal health and well-being.

The Youth Health Centre:

  •     Provides confidential services with accurate, nonjudgmental information
  •     Values your knowledge
  •     Welcomes your input
  •     Respects your opinion
  •     Works with you from a position of your strengths to address your health concerns in a meaningful way

Why Students Come?

There are many reasons why students come to the Youth Health Centre.

  • Mainly it is a safe and quiet place to come and discuss anything at all.
  • Everything talked about is confidential (private).

See the Youth Health Support Worker if you are:

  •     Feeling sad, confused
  •     Feeling angry or stressed
  •     Having relationships issues
  •     Having problems at home
  •     Need condoms, pregnancy testing
  •     Sex/sexuality questions
  •     Worried about dating violence
  •     Problems with alcohol, smoking and other substances
  •     Just need to talk
  •     Want LGBTQ support


HRM Supports


Substance Abuse

Gambling Support

Cobequid Youth Health Centre Nurse: 869-6106 Social Worker: 869-6131/869-7107
Family Focus Medical Clinics 902-420-6060  
Find a Family Doctor 902-424-3047  
Halifax Sexual Health Center 902-455-9656  
Health Link 811-Non Emer. #  
IWK Switchboard Switch Board: 470-8888 Mental Health Referral: 464-4110
Kid’s Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
Laing House 902-425-9018  
Mental Health Mobile Crisis Telephone Line Toll Free: 1-888-429-8167 902-429-8167
Metro Food Bank 902-457-1900  
Mobile Outreach Street Health 902-429-5290  
North End Community Health Centre 902-420-0303  
North Preston Community Centre 902-434-3807  
Phoenix Youth Programs 902-446-0676  
Public Health Services 902-481-5800



Pre Natal Classes

QEII STI Clinic (VG Site) 902-473-2272  
Supportive Housing for Young Mothers 902-465-2212 Ext. 3  
Youth Project (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity) 902-429-5429  
Halifax Crisis Line 902-421-1188