Island View High School

Staff Directory

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Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Beals, Jakara African Nova Scotia Student Support
Reid, Charlene Cafeteria 902-835-7628
Diggs, Deborah Caretaker 902-466-6314 ext. 1531308
Johnston, Jeannie Educational Program Assistant 902-466-6341
Bentley, Denise Educational Program Assistant 902-466-6341
LeBlanc, Petra Educational Program Assistant 902-466-6341
Ashton , Bonnie Educational Program Assistant 902-466-6341
Morash, Nicole Educational Program Assistant 902-466-6341
Crouse, Jennifer English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher - EPEC Circuit / Fairview Jr. High
Kennedy, Melanie Fine Arts Specialist -Island View Family of Schools
Gabriel, Liza HRCE School Psychologist 902-466-6341
Garnier, Jennifer Library Support Specialist 902-466-6341 ext. 1531218
Hulan, Sandra Mi'kma'ki/Aboriginal Student Support Worker 902-466-6341 ext. 1531310
Blonde, Chris NSISP Homestay Coordinator
Anderson, Tasha School Social Worker 902 237 5667
Morris, Sarah Schools Plus Assistant Leader
McKenzie, Lynne SchoolsPlus Community Outreach 902-225-0101
Howe-Power, Dawn Student Liaison Career Practitioner 902-885-5477
MacKenzie, Devon Youth Health Center Coordinator 902-466-6341 ext. 1531311

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Perry, Rosemarie Department Head Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts 902-466-6341 ext. 1531117
Mark, Amanda Humanities 902-466-6341
Zareski, Kate Humanities 902-466-6341
McCutcheon, Matthew Humanities 902-466-6341
Fougere, Steve Humanities 902-466-6341 ext. 1531327
Vanderhorst, Amy Humanities 902-466-6341
MacNeil, Lisa Humanities 902-466-6341
Buott, Tina Humanities Website
Vezina, Natalie Humanities
McKergow, Ian Humanities Department Head 902-466-6341 Website
Brady, Natalie Learing Centre
Iwamoto, Miya Learning Centre
Abraham, Anu Math/Science
Rathwell, Chris Math/Science 902-466-6341
Griffin, Kim Math/Science 902-466-6341 ext. 1531321 Website
White , Trevor Math/Science 902-466-6341 ext. 1531309 Website
Aucoin, Heather Math/Science 902-466-6341 ext. 1531317 Website
MacDonald , Tristan (on leave) Math/Science
Crewe, Jennifer Math/Science 902-466-6341
Hammer, Rob Math/Science 902-466-6341 ext. 1531315
MacNab, Calum Math/Science 902-466-6341 ext. 1531301
Henry, Ashley Math/Science
Munro , John Math/Science Department Head 902-466-6341
Wright, David Student Services Department Head / Resource 902-466-6341 ext. 1531314
Dulhanty, Peter Student Services/O2 Coordinator 902-466-6341 ext. 1531115 Website
Fingerhut, Barry Student Services/Resource 902-466-6341 ext. 1531314
McArel, Kelly Technology/Fine Arts/Wellness/ O2 Coordinator 902-466-6341
Miller, Emily Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts
Lukenda, Jillian Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts 902-466-6341 ext. 1531120
Pierce, Trevor Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts 902-466-6341 ext. 1531214
MacKeigan, Johnathan Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts
Fourgnaud, Shawn Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts 902-466-6341 ext. 1531107 Website
Walzak, Laura Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts 902-466-6341
Pike, Vanessa Technology/Wellness/Fine Arts/Athletic Director 902-466-6341


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Sullivan, Randolph Principal 902-466-6341 ext. 0
Mailman, Nigel Registrar 902-466-6341 ext. 4
DeYoung, Patricia Secretary (Main Office) 902-466-6341 ext. 0
McIntyre , Zephyr (Wednesday and Friday) Student Services / Guidance Counsellor 902-466-6341 ext. 1016
Mason, Cathy Student Services Admin Assistant 902-466-6341 ext. 1531015
O’Reilly, Tim Student Services/Guidance Counsellor 902-466-6341 ext. 5 Website
Zinck, Kelly Vice Principal 902-466-6341