Island View High School

Keeping each other safe at IVHS-November 5, 2020-

Keeping each other safe at IVHS

November 5, 2020

Dear IVHS families,

This week we will be going over and recommunicating expectations at IVHS during the pandemic.

Monday, we spoke about the importance of using the Covid-19 checklist to determine if we are well enough to come to school.

Tuesday we went over expectations about the wearing of masks at IVHS.

Today we are talking about Lunch Hour procedures.

At 10:35 when we do morning announcements, at the end of announcements there will be a staggered exit from the building for those students choosing to leave the building for lunch. Normally we allow students on the third floor to exit early at the end of announcements. This will be done to avoid crowds gathering in front of the school.
At the end of announcements students have a decision to make.
• If a student leaves the building at lunch they will not be able to re-enter the building until 11:25 when they will re-enter the building by the door that leads to the floor their afternoon class is on.
• Students who choose to stay inside the school for lunch will stay in their morning classroom.
• At 11:05 there will be a bell. Students who wish to go outside at that point may do so. At 11:25 these students will re-enter the school by the designated door leading to their afternoon class.
• The students who choose to stay in their classroom all lunch will head to their afternoon class at 11:20.
• These procedures are established to minimize contact between students of different cohorts.
• If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact Mr. Smith or Mr. Savage in the main office.

Kind Regards,

Pat Savage
Principal -IVHS